Monday, July 19, 2010


So now I would like to show you guys my other inchies that I created, but didn't have time to post yesterday. There are 5 that I want to show you - some I like more than others, but experimentation is the father of invention! I'll share with you guys some of my favorite techniques and maybe some color combos.

First is this ladybug inchie. I used a plain white background, stamped with two different images in two different colors, and then added a ladybug with a pop dot. This is my first inchie that I made, and, I have to say, it was hard to make. Mostly because I couldn't figure out what in the world to put on it without making them all look the same. But I tell you the truth - they get easier! The more of these little guys you make, the more ideas you get! Here is the ladybug inchie:

This next inchie is actually the second one that I created. I was working with this butterfly stamp that I really liked, but, instead of putting it directly into the middle of the inchie, I placed it off of the edge. I then added another stamped image with a pop dot. I then added some faux stitching around the butterfly with a pen. Another tip that I have for you guys is to use a piece of scratch paper underneath your project. That way, if you are painting, stamping, etc, you have something to catch the excess. Plus, afterwards you have a decorative piece of paper that you can use to create with! Here it is.

The next one is not my favorite. At all. In fact, I kind of hate it. But I'll show you anyways. I think I would like this inchie better if the stamped image was colored in.

These last two are actually part of a series that I'm doing. A fruit series. The first one is a strawberry and it is raised up with pop dots. To get the background, I took a regular piece of cardstock, and then I took the sprinkles stamp from the nook and pantry Basic Grey collection and just randomly stamped the sprinkles over the top. I then added words from the newspaper that say one-of-a-kind flavor:

And now for the apple one. This is another masking technique that I just had to try, and since I had an apple punch that I wanted to use for the fruit series, I thought it would be perfect. Plus, since an inchie is such a small canvas, it is not very intimidating, and a PERFECT place to try out new techniques. So this time, instead of punching out shapes and using them, I punched out shapes from the sticky part of the post it note and used the negative as a mask. It worked like a charm! I then continued on to ink the edges in cranberry Ink it Up ink and then wrote out apple. Some faux stitching finished it off and gave it a homemade feel.