Thursday, December 3, 2009

JellyBeans Design

JellyBeans Design started when me, Jordan and my best friend, Elizabeth, put our brains together and decided that we wanted to start a business to express ourselves through craft. Eventually we may go into other areas of business... writing books or selling supplies, but for now we will stick to selling our crafts. On this blog we will be doing several things. We will be promoting our business and we will be giving several tutorials and maybe a few giveaways. Make sure to invite all of your friends to come on over and be a part of the fun! Today I just wanted to use as a day to introduce the business and me and Elizabeth as people. We both will be posting on this same blog, so just look at the signatures to see who wrote which post. Make sure to visit constantly to take advantage of all the challenges, tutorials and giveaways posted here. See you later!


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